Over the course of 30 years, Guitar Salon International (GSI) has become the world’s largest dealer of fine classical and flamenco guitars. Our primary mission at GSI has always been to promote the guitar around the world by whatever means possible. By building close relationships with both the makers and players of these instruments, and always maintaining a profound respect for the art, GSI has been able to serve students, professionals, collectors and aficionados alike. We have evaluated, acquired and sold the largest number of vintage instruments from the most desirable makers of history, and have subsequently assembled some of the most important private collections in the world.

We believe that the key to our success lies in our love of the guitar and in our conviction that we must only sell guitars that we believe in. And we do love guitars. All of our staff, every one of us, plays the guitar. And over the years some of us have become leading authorities on certain epochs and luthiers, contributing articles to such publications as American Lutherie and The Classical Guitar: A Complete History, along with many other publications.

In our selection of the best contemporary guitar makers, we have chosen to represent those that we believe create instruments that are built to last – both in terms of musical quality and investment. We realize that for most of our clients, a guitar represents a substantial investment, both emotionally as well as financially. As a result, many of the young luthiers we highlight as the best of their generation proceed to become the world’s most sought-after builders.
The History of GSI
1977 19-year-old college student Tim Miklaucic sells his first guitar, a Manuel Contreras classical he acquired in 1974.
1983 Tim Miklaucic compiles his years of experience with the guitar and formally opens Guitar Salon International on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, CA.
1995 GSI goes online at www.guitarsalon.com, marking one of the very first e-commerce websites in the music industry.
1996 Guitar Salon International becomes the official representative and distributor for José Ramírez guitar.
1997 Cordoba Guitars is introduced and quickly finds success in retailers throughout the country.
2001 Wholesale business is split off into a company called Tornavoz Music (now called CMG), allowing GSI to focus on vintage and handmade guitars.
2004 GSI moves into a new 16,500 sq ft building in Santa Monica, featuring a large, open showroom and performance space.