Tomasz Fechner came back to GSI on what turned out to be the day he went from being a Masters student at USC to being a DMA student (he had just finished his very last requirement). He had told us he was going to play seven movements from Alexandre Tansman’s Suite in Modo Polonico and agreed to play them on seven different guitars. The movements and guitars are as follows:

Entrée – 2015 Lucas Martin
Kujawiak – 2007 Jose Marin Plazuelo
Tempo di Polonaise – 1967 Daniel Friederich
Oberek – 2007 Dominique Field
Canzonetta – 1934 Marcelo Barbero
Alla Polaca – 2012 Yuichi Imai
Berceuse D’Orient – 1997 Hermann Hauser III

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6 Responses to “Tomasz Fechner – Tansman Suite in Modo Polonico on 7 guitars”

  1. xavier says:

    so tender, expressive, highly personal sound, flawless effortless technique

  2. andre g says:

    caught some of this guys performances and they were really good, it was great to hear that variety of guitars but to have that compositional thru line, as well as having the same player perform them all. Killer player though!

  3. Honestly, I’m almost afraid to judge the guitar sounds, especially in the treble ends due to them sounding almost identical, like some force is moving the guitars to modulate exactly the same sound.

    This is one scary video. Sorry about that.

    • tom says:

      I always have to listen past the recording technique – it just takes a little practice. Live, I would probably use different criteria listening and different criteria again, playing, but even so, I can say that, for me, in Mr Fechner’s expert hands, Lucas Martin’s guitar won hands down.

  4. Rene says:

    Nice sensitive performances!. All guitars sounded good, each with something unique but hard to put in words. The Martin, Barbero, and Hauser were my favorites.

  5. Giancarlo says:

    The guitars i Prefer is the Marcelo Barbero and Hauser III, but specially the Barbero has a beautiful and fascinating sound.


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