When luthier Pepe Romero told us about his new line of strings we had a lot of questions, starting with “why do we need another line of strings?” As it turns out, his father Pepe Romero Sr. had been nostalgic for the way strings used to feel and respond, and father and son had gone on a years-long quest to find out if they could make strings that felt like the older ones Pepe Sr. was missing. With the help of the folks at LaBella they spent more years designing what to them felt like strings that had the best of both worlds, i.e. that felt like older nylon strings but took advantage of today’s technology to make strings more consistent and predictable. Pepe Romero Strings are the result of their quest and we had father and son in to discuss the new line, which includes rectified sets in normal and hard tensions, a lighter set for vintage or flamenco guitars, a clear nylon set, a fluorocarbon set, and a set called the Pepe Sr. set made specifically to the demands of the maestro. Check out the discussions below and learn all you ever wanted to know about guitar strings!

Intro – Pepe Sr. & David Collett                                                   Pepe Sr. Set – Pepe Sr. & David
Vintage/Flamenco Set – Pepe Sr. & David                                  Rectified Set – Pepe Sr. & David
Fluorocarbon set – Pepe Jr. & David                                          Vintage/Flamenco set – Pepe Jr. & David
Rectified set – Pepe Jr. & David                                                  Pepe Sr. set – Pepe Jr. & David

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One Response to “Pepe Romero – New Line of Strings”

  1. Raymond Cousté says:

    I totally agree : rectified strings are far more “finger friendly” than clear nylon ones. But let’s get things straight.

    1) Rectified have “disappeared” from the market. UNTRUE. Savarez never stopped marketing them, and I have been using them on my 1966 Fleta since… 1966.

    2) Rectified have the closest feel to gut. UNTRUE AGAIN. Because of their density, linked to the tension and the diameter of the string by a simple formula all luthiers and string makers use , Nylgut stings, made by Aquila in Italy, are. Any guitarist who tackles early music instruments knows about this maker. Bonus : since the feel is the same as the rectified, you can use it on the third string, the way guitarsits who prefer clear nylon use a carbon for the G… and this is what I do on my instruments. I even suggest testing Nylgut on the B !

    A bientôt, R.C.


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