Here’s a great article on the history of the French school of luthiery written by none other than Daniel Friederich himself. The French school is relatively small, but very influential, and Friederich is certainly the reigning patriarch of that school. Our own David Collett is off to France next week to meet with Friederich, Dominique Field and Jean-Noel Rohe and will report back when he returns. In the meantime, here’s the article:

***This article has been removed at the request of the translator***


A Look at French Guitar Making Since 1850









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5 Responses to “History Of French Luthiery”

  1. stephen carney says:

    I really appreciated this article. I have a couple Marcario guitars from France and I absolutely love them. But I know little about Marcario guitars or any other French luthiers. I would love to see a list of the 70 or so luthiers of France. Anyway, thanks for a great and informative article.

  2. Alain Bieber says:

    Hello Stephen,
    French lutherie is still very expertly headed by Daniel Friederich. He is the right man to evoke this topic and I am pleased to see a very good translation of the original text too.
    If you read, even moderately well, French, you will find in a thread of the “Delcamp Forum” ( somewhat detailed information on what is going on now in lutherie in our country under “Les luthiers en guitare classique de France”.
    Also, the Delcamp Forum has now a section devoted to all English speaking friends. You might ask directly your questions.

  3. Thank you so much…

    […]History Of French Luthiery | Guitar Salon International | The Blog[…]…

  4. Robert Page says:

    I just discovered that you have used my translation of an article about French guitar making by Daniel Friederich done about ten years ago and displayed on my website ever since. Permission to use this translation was not requested by you. I wonder if you’ve heard of intellectual property rights. please remove my translation immediately.
    People can read it on my site.