*Update – Sebastian has sent us some more really great photos of the construction process of this guitar.

We have photos of the new guitar being built for us by German luthier Sebastian Stenzel. This will be a spruce-top with quilted maple back and sides and some stunning purfling, which Stenzel told us was some of the most labor intensive purfling he’s ever made. In his words, it’s “difficult, because I wanted the light parts – maple – to really shine. To achieve this, they have to be cut so that they show the radial surface of the wood. This means that I had to cut stripes of veneer of a width of e.g. 1.3 mm, but across the fiber! I wasn’t sure it would be possible at all. (The meander patterns done by Torres, for example, are easy to make in comparison, they show end grain and can be made with relatively stable stripes of veneer.) To make meander purflings for four guitars took more than two months with one or two glueing operations per day… I use it only in quilted maple or birds eye maple.”

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2 Responses to “Coming Soon – Sebastian Stenzel”

  1. Wow – that is one beautiful maple!

    Hi neighbour! Do you mind if I come over and have a look? I also have some other interesting infos.

    When I see so very much work going into ornamentation, involuntarily Prof. Kasha (physico-chemist like me) pops up in my mind: „The builder must constantly think of the guitar as a complex, frequencydependent vibrating object, and not merely as a highly ornamented box.“ – no offence intended ;-)

    Is bye the way the body deeper than on your other guitars?

    Best regards,

  2. David Collett says:

    Roland, I’m sorry but in the instance of this guitar, once it arrives, we will merely photograph it and ship it to its new owner who is anxiously awaiting delivery. This is a pre-ordered guitar so since we are technically not the owners any longer we cannot show it around to the public. If you want to see a Stenzel guitar some day contact JohnPaul or Andy here at the showroom and perhaps when we get a second-hand one in you can come in and check it out for sure. As to ornamentation vs. “sound”, Sebastian has spent his entire career thinking and laboring over the quality of sound of his guitars as his primary focus. The ornamentation (even when exquisite like this) is quite secondary. There are numerous articles on our site and his that detail many of the ideas he has experimented with, all related to sound, that I recommend you read if you want to know more. Thanks for the interesting comment, hope my answer helped.


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