Here’s the third installment of Vinny’s ‘Spotlight’ series, in which he tells us about getting blood to our fingers and shows us a great stretch to get that happening when we’re away from our guitars.

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13 Responses to “Spotlight On Guitar #3”

  1. Thank you for the exercize tips. Never been advised of that exercize before.

  2. cuchares says:

    Nice exercises

  3. cuchares says:

    I also use Qi Gong for the hands That i found on you tube.(Gentle strinking of “Points”)
    i found doing the second part of your excercises i had a uncontrollable urge to don a sock puppet.Is this normal?

    • Cuchares,

      Thanks for watching and commenting on the video blog. Yes, using Qi Gong – or any type of slow, focused exercise is very good… and if you happen to get the urge to pop-on a sock puppet to make the exercise fun – go for it! :)

      Cheers, Vinny Stefanelli

  4. Lawrence says:

    Hi, Vinny

    I prefer to use the 2 same size steel balls (and change the ball sizes for enhancing the control of fingers) and juggle around using your palm and fingers to exercise the fingers for both hands.
    Your hands and fingers are also useful to enhance flexibility and suppleness.
    Please give us more playing techniques tips in future video.
    Thank you for sharing this useful tips..

    • Lawrence,

      Glad that you enjoyed the video blog… I’ve used the balls as well but I don’t like to carry a couple (extra) balls around with me. I appreciate you following and giving feedback to the blog. I’ll be covering some more finger exercises in future programs. If you have any ideas for me to research, let me know.

      Vinny Stefanelli

  5. Palmer Hoovestal says:

    Great tips, Vinny and GSI. I’ve been playing for more than 40 years and have never come across that particular exercise. I’m looking forward to more tips.

  6. Mark says:

    Nice version of “Both Sides Now”… Great exercises… Thanks, mb

  7. Hi Vinny,

    They’ve said it all! That was absolutely fantastic video blog and hand exercise advice!

    I like that you provided us with the anatomy and physiology input with regards to our hand muscles. It’s quite extensive what you did but very helpful because it is much better understood why the specific hand movement exercises are done as well as helpful for the strength and flexibility.

    All guitarists must see this especially those who still have problems with their pinkie. It’s a bit funny but true that the pinkie problem happens. Some would even complain that “their pinkie basically has it’s own mind because it’s too stubborn to follow”. Oh well, I gotta share this video once again.

    Thanks again a lot! I gotta spread the good word once again. :)


    • Thank you for the kind message… yes, the 4th finger has its particular difficulties and I’ve found the exercise is really helpful. I’m always looking for different ideas for my video blogs – let me know if you have any questions or ideas that you’d like to me to cover. Cheers,


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