Here’s the latest ‘Spotlight’ segment, in which Vinny shares with us Segovia’s practice routine, a new stretch, and plays a really cool fretless guitar.

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10 Responses to “Spotlight On Guitar #4 with Vinny Stefanelli”

  1. Really nice! And the music used in the video too. It’s like having an african-latin kind of feel.

    Anyway, that was a great exercise method on the hands and for the fourth finger. I could definitely feel the stretch of the muscles and ligaments.

    Thanks for the advice! I’ll share this with my cousins who regularly play guitar. :)

    • Floricel,

      I realized that I need to practice what I preach because I hadn’t done the 4th finger exercise in quite a while and I too noticed what a difference it made in just a couple days of getting back to it. Thanks for viewing and commenting on the video blog. Let me know what your cousins think of it. Cheers, Vinny

  2. cuchares says:

    So 45 mins at a crack. in 15 minute chunks…got it. you left out what he practiced.I’d like to know.
    Thanks for the stretch though i’m puzzled why it’s one hand at a time.

    • Cuchares,

      It’s great to see that you are following the video blogs… I appreciate your interest and you enthusiasm for playing the guitar. In regards to why you need to do the hand exercises one-at-a-time: as I’ve mentioned, it’s very important to focus your attention on these exercises… just as you would if you were crafting any valuable tool. I used to play my guitar while watching TV until I realized that I was only gaining a small amount of value for the effort. I became much more accomplished when I focused my attention on listening AND watching my fingers, posture, etc. In regards to what Segovia practiced for those hours… there are several books out there on his method (scales, etudes, etc) but just a quick look at the amazing repertoire he built over his lifetime tells me that he spent many hours, days, years just building playing pieces.

      • cuchares says:

        PDL and his brothers are said to have practiced while watching soccer on TV:-)Perhaps this is from whence his muse came.
        Segovia certainly had a large repetoire .I have one 4 cd set that remarkably contains 2 or 3 listenable pieces.Well played however:-)

        The fret less guitar sounds good.I have some w/very low frets but none w/o.Seems the frets are optional?

  3. cuchares says:

    Oh w/ the sock puppet seems to negate the single hand method as one hand doesn’t know the other is exercising.

  4. Sam Halstead says:

    Vinnie, Thanks much, Im ticked off that I havent heard about these exercises until now. Shoot, Im 60 years young! Left hand 4th finger already feels better. Ive been having problems as far as pain. Hopefully this will help! Guitar intructors need to take note of this.

    • Sam, Never too old… I saw Segovia when he was about 84 yrs old. It took him forever to reach the middle of the stage, so I thought that he wasn’t going to be able to play. I was wrong, he sat down and played with the chops of a rock guitarist then he did three encores. Keep playing young man. Cheers, Vinny

  5. Long live aerosmith, thats all i gotta say.


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