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Nothing like trying out your new guitar. Don’t worry – he’ll get used to it.

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3 Responses to “Gypsy Jazz – Angelo Debarre Checking Out His New Guitar”

  1. michael jost says:

    so much fun to watch…

  2. pierre vaz says:

    Angelo is probably my favorite gypsy player at the moment, and this is a great example of why !

  3. Matt Ditchburn says:

    I saw Angelo perform at the St Benoit Swing Festival last night and I walked out after two numbers. Why oh why did he use a beautiful guitar and play it through two pick ups, sounded like he was playing in a concrete pipe. The violinist was even worse. No passion, no feeling. Bibbly bobbly racket.
    An acoustic guitar should be played acoustic or through a microphone. If he want an electric I can lend him my telecaster.


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