View Full Version : Contrera II C3

12-24-2003, 01:16 AM
Hi, I have a question about Contreras II C3 guitar. I think that this guitar is below their concert models. I read somewhere that non- conert level Contreras were made by other workshops for Contreras. Is this still true for Contreras II today? There seem to be a bit of jump on price between C3 and concert models. Are they quite different in tone and playability?

If you would spend $2,000ish to chose a guitar with great tone and playability, what may be a guitar will you (anyone) recommend me to consider?

I am also seeing new models by Antonio Loriente at Guitar Salon. From the description, it appears that Guitar Salon is regarding them quite high. Has anyone played both guitars and be able to share your impression of these guitars?

Thank you very much in advance :P