2011 Daniel Friederich CD/IN


Year: 2011 /
Top: Cedar /
Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood /
Scale Length: 650 mm /
Nut Width: 52 mm /
Finish: French Polish /
Country: France /
Condition: NEW /


ITEM: 02522_102395

Daniel Friederich is known for his unsurpassed aesthetic as well as his beautiful and powerful tone. This guitar lives up to its reputation with ease. It has bold, powerful basses with perfectly smooth, silky and creamy trebles - all the way to the 19th fret. Even as a new instrument, this has to be one of the finest guitars money can buy. Many of the best players in the world play or have played Friederich, including the Romeros, Scott Tennant, Roberto Aussel, Eduardo Fernandez and many others. We are proud to be Friederich's exclusive world-wide dealer for his new guitars. Despite the fact that he builds fewer and fewer guitars with each passing year and has a closed wait-list, we receive one instrument per year from him.

Luthier Bio: Daniel Friederich