Acoustic Remedy Guitar Case (Flamed Maple/Mahogany)


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Retail: $1,449
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Acoustic Remedy produces the only display case on the market which provides hands-free, low maintenance humidity control. The ClimaStand is a patent pending humidity controlled guitar case that provides protection for your instrument, displays it beautifully, and keeps it accessible to play. Each handcrafted model achieves an air-tight seal and utilizes the Humidipak Two-Way Humidity Control Technology or a humidity control method of your choice to maintain a perfect environment for your guitar with reliable humidification for up to 3+ months without worry. No more filling of more forgetting and paying the price for damage to your instrument. Proper care of your instrument is the number one way to ensure a lifetime of use and protection of your investment.

All ClimaStands are handmade in the USA by Amish craftsmen from western Wisconsin. Their communities are nestled in the bluffs along the majestic Mississippi River and are renowned for fine woodworking. Their skills are showcased in every case we sell and each has its beginnings in an Amish workshop.

This "floor model" features a stable, hardwood base that positions the instrument at an elegant viewing angle. The horizontal and vertical supports of the base provide a solid platform with a small footprint. A bumper pad is placed on the back panel to create a cushion between the instrument and the ClimaStand.

Approximate dimensions (including base): 50"h x22"w x21"d

* Handmade in the USA by Amish craftsman
* Satin smooth lacquer finish
* Highly durable rubber gasket seals the door to the body of the case creating an airtight environment
* Spring loaded, stainless steel latches that pull the door toward the body of the case to compress the gasket
* String Swing guitar cradle and bumper pad
* Battery powered LED lighting: 6 energy efficient LED's, Ultra bright wide coverage, Tap on/tap off, Head rotates to aim light where desired
* 6 month supply of the patented Planet Waves Humidipak two-way automatic humidity control system