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Valseana – 18 Waltzes on 18 Historic Guitars

Valseana – 18 Waltzes on 18 Guitars Valseana represents an enormous labor of love on the part of David Collett, Marc Teicholz, various engineers and the entire GSI team. Four…

Feature Articles

The Ramirez Family: Masters of the Guitar

Current Inventory     |     Past Inventory The Ramirez Family: Masters of the Guitar text by Marco Bazzotti photos from the Ramirez archive The great adventure of the Spanish ancient luthier dynasty. The protagonists,…

Feature Articles

Ramirez Workshop Luthiers

Ramirez Workshop Luthiers We are often asked what the intials in the Ramirez Guitars represent. The following is a list of luthiers of the Ramirez workshop and their intials: MAG…

Feature Articles

Pepe Romero on Torres

Current Inventory     |     Past Inventory On April 10th I had an opportunity to talk with the great classical guitarist Pepe Romero about Antonio de Torres. Pepe himself owns three Torres guitars, and…

Luthier Spotlight

Luthier: Tobias Berg

Current Inventory     |     Past Inventory Tobias Berg was born in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1972, and grew up in the fishing village of Viken. After having built his first classical guitar in 1995,…

Luthier Spotlight

Luthier: Teodoro Perez

Current Inventory     |     Past Inventory Teodoro Perez Teodoro Perez was born in 1952 in the province of Soria, Spain, but moved to Madrid while still very young. In 1966 he began his…

Luthier Spotlight

Manuel Contreras Workshop

Current Inventory     |     Past Inventory Manuel Contreras I Manuel Contreras Sr. (1928-1994), a native of Madrid, acquired excellent woodworking skills at a very young age that led to a budding career as…

Luthier Spotlight

Luthier: Kenneth Brogger

Current Inventory     |     Past Inventory Born in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen, Kenneth Brögger is Denmark’s leading classical guitar builder of his generation. His career began when he apprenticed with noted Danish guitar…

Luthier Spotlight

Luthier: Jose Ramirez III

 Current Inventory     |     Past Inventory José Ramírez III (1922 – 1995) was without doubt one of the most influential and important luthiers in the second part of the 20th century. His guitars influenced…

Luthier Spotlight

Luthier: Jose Ramirez I

Current Inventory     |     Past Inventory The guitars of José Ramírez I (1858-1923) look backwards, but the workshop he established was to dominate Spanish guitar-making to the present day. José Ramírez based his…

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