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Jose Ramirez: Myths and Facts

Current Inventory     |     Past Inventory Jose Ramirez: Myths and Facts Myth: My guitar was made by the old man himself! Fact: Very unlikely. My first response is which old man: José Ramirez…

Feature Articles

A New Key

LA Times – Sunday, September 7, 1998by Tamara Hunt Flamenco and classical guitar music and the Internet would seem to have about as much in common as Shakespearetapping out his…


Ramirez GH

In May 1963, Voormann Klaus, a German of 25 years old, fond of music and photography, was in Madrid, stopping in his journey back to Hamburg where he lived. He…

Luthier Spotlight

Tour of the Ramirez Museum

At the back of the Ramírez shop there’s a little museum with some truly historic guitars. Of course, they have examples made by the various generations of José Ramírez and…

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