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Guitar Demonstrations

Francisco Gil visits GSI

Classical guitarist Francisco Gil stopped by the shop this week, and he’s such a great player that we just had to record him playing some great guitars. Here he is…


Pepe Romero Jr.

[media id=19 width=720 height=420] I got to hang out with Pepe Romero Jr. last week. He makes some great guitars, and I had noticed that a lot of them have…


David Cerreduela at the new Felipe Conde shop

[media id=18 width=720 height=420] While in Madrid I went with my friend and teacher David Cerreduela and his son Israel to try out guitars at Felipe Conde’s new shop in…


Paco De Lucia receives honorary degree from Berklee

Up until last week, I may have been the only Flamenco guitarist in the world with a degree from Berklee. Now I get to share that distinction with Paco De…


John Ray Interview, Part 1

[media id=16 width=720 height=420] I’ve known John since I moved to Granada in 1992, so it was a lot of fun to get to talk to him in his shop…

Luthier Spotlight

Manuel Reyes Interview, Part 2

Part 2 of my interview with Manuel Reyes, who many consider to be the greatest living builder of Flamenco guitars. Seems that with the exception of those born to guitar…

Luthier Spotlight

Interview with Manuel Reyes, Part 1

I got to sit down with legendary Flamenco guitar builder Manuel Reyes Sr. in his shop in Córdoba and discuss how he got started, his philosophy of building and a…

Guitar Demonstrations

Almer Imamovic plays our Torres

The amazing Almer Imamovic stopped by to play some guitars, among them our 1890 Torres. After playing a lot of traditional repertoire, he decided to try something different, so this…

Guitar Demonstrations

More of Almer on the 1890 Torres

Here’s what you’d expect to hear on a guitar like this – Tárrega’s ‘Recuerdos de la Alhambra’. Tárrega played a Torres, so Almer thought it fitting to play it on…

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