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Luthier Spotlight

Manuel Contreras II on the Perfect Guitar

I like to ask luthiers what the perfect guitar would sound like. It’s a dumb question, of course, but I always like hearing the answers I get. Here’s Manuel Contreras‘…


New Guitar Salon Showroom

It’s been a little over a month, and we haven’t properly introduced our new showroom to you all. We’re pretty excited about it – it’s a beautiful and great sounding…

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New David Rouse guitars coming in

We have two new David Rouse guitars coming soon, so here’s a peek at them in progress.  One is a Flamenco and the other is a Cedar-top Classical.  Not sure…

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New Hermann Hauser Coming Soon

These don’t come in very often – a brand new Hermann Hauser III. The guitar should be on its way very soon. Notice that the label reads 2008. Apparently, his…

Luthier Spotlight

Teodoro Perez Making Rosettes, part 2

Here’s part 2 of Teodoro Perez showing me how he makes rosettes in his Madrid shop.

Luthier Spotlight

Teodoro Perez making rosettes

Madrid luthier Teodoro Perez showed me how he makes rosettes when I visited his shop in Madrid. From 1971 until about 1990, he made all of the rosettes that came…


GFA Convention in Austin

The GFA convention is in Austin this year, June 22-27, and there are some really great performances and events going on. Also, Connie Sheu from GFA has been filling me…

Guitar Demonstrations

Francisco Gil visits GSI

Classical guitarist Francisco Gil stopped by the shop this week, and he’s such a great player that we just had to record him playing some great guitars. Here he is…


Paco De Lucia receives honorary degree from Berklee

Up until last week, I may have been the only Flamenco guitarist in the world with a degree from Berklee. Now I get to share that distinction with Paco De…

Luthier Spotlight

Manuel Reyes Interview, Part 2

Part 2 of my interview with Manuel Reyes, who many consider to be the greatest living builder of Flamenco guitars. Seems that with the exception of those born to guitar…

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