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Guitar Demonstrations

GSI Premiere: Bartosz Paprot records the full set of Tansman’s “Inventions Pour Guitare” and more!

We’re happy to share with you new recordings of a Polish guitarist Bartosz Paprot who stopped by our showroom on his first ever U.S. visit. Paprot came to Los Angeles…

Guitar Demonstrations

Segovia’s piece played on a guitar signed by Segovia, and a new piece dedicated to GSI. Free PDF download!

Daniel Rodriguez Velásquez from Colombia has recently visited our showroom for the first time to record some videos. Daniel is not only a classical guitarist, but also a composer. He…


Sundays with Segovia – new classical guitar radio show launches Feb. 2

Check out the new radio show on k-Mozart 105.1 FM HD4 called Sundays with Segovia. The show will air each Sunday at 3PM, starting February 2, 2020. In each episode, the host, Rodney Williamson will present…

Guitar Demonstrations

Companion videos for “El Libro de Oro, Volume 2 – Studies and Duets” of Agustin Barrios Mangore

Barrios expert & luthier Federico Sheppard, editor and visionary behind “El Libro de Oro”, the new 6-volume edition of the works of Agustín Barrios Mangoré, asked if GSI would be…

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See Photos of Vladimir Druzhinin’s Next Guitar and Read His Recent Interview in Gendai Guitar Magazine

Just in are some great shots of Vladimir Druzhinin’s next guitar for us, as well as a recent interview he did in Japan that was published in Gendai Guitar Magazine.…

Guitar Demonstrations

WATCH: Jennifer Kim plays Scarlatti & Llobet

To those of you regularly following our YouTube channel, you’ll know Jennifer Kim, who has been coming in and doing videos for us the past few years. She’s now a…

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Jochen Rothel Uses Rare Combination of woods on his New Guitar

Our next guitar built by master luthier Jochen Röthel is nearly done and should be here soon! This is our first from him with this rarely-seen wood combination – cedar…


TRAILER: Upcoming Ramirez Documentary

It is with pleasure that our friends in Spain, Cristina and Enrique Ramírez – Amalia Ramírez’s niece and nephew – share the first trailer they produced for the upcoming documentary…


Jack Silver, Pt. 4: On Julio Martinez Oyanguren

<— Go back to Jack Silver, Pt. 3 By Jack Silver In this series of vignettes, I will be presenting a panorama of artists whose names have for the most…

Concert Spotlight

“Scott Tennant & Friends” – Event Recap

We know it’s early into 2019, but this past weekend may have already been the highlight of the year! For one night, we hosted a lineup of some of Los…

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