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Our friends Adam Levin, Matthew Rohde and Scott Borg are classical guitarists, internationally acclaimed performers and teachers who run a nonprofit organization called Kithara Project. Kithara Project’s mission is to promote widespread and equitable access to the classical guitar worldwide. Much like us here at GSI, the founders of the Kithara Project believe that the guitar is among the most democratic, culturally fluid, and versatile instruments in the world, and as such is an ideal tool not just for enriching the cultural life of a community, but also for stimulating social empowerment where it is most needed.

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An 1862 Antonio De Torres with a Spruce top

An 1862 Antonio De Torres featuring a gorgeous, aged spruce top

Spruce or Cedar? Which is better?

It seems as if every time the topic of classical guitar comes up in conversation, this question seems to spring up as well. We can all agree that both materials have their respective advantages, and furthermore, that some players simply prefer the sound and look of one tonewood over the other. However, there seems to be a lot of myth surrounding this age old question. We decided to create a list of 5 distinct features that distinguishes spruce from cedar.

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We are pleased to announce that we have recently received the latest publication from Orfeo Magazine, a gorgeous and unique compendium that chronicles the first five issues of Orfeo in full color print. Presented here is a beautiful, coffee-table style book housing the first five issues of what was previously an on-line (only) magazine whose feature articles have profiled the lives and work places of a selection the worlds finest classical guitar makers – both past and present. Additionally, each volume includes supplemental feature stories about the areas these makers work in, which helps to contextualize the cultural backdrop that informs and influences their different styles of guitar construction. The striking photography done by Alberto Martinez of each story brings to life the rich traditions behind each makers’ work and in grand visual display, brings to life their fascinating stories and approaches to the art of lutherie.

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Artist Spotlight Kai

Kai Narezo is a flamenco guitarist who has always had one foot planted in the Old World and the other in the New. His sound is a reflection of his reality—a deep reverence for the roots and the soul of traditional flamenco, a love for the modern flamenco landscape, and an American sensibility rooted in jazz-fusion and contemporary production techniques. His expertise will be shared in the soon-to-be released textbook, A Compás: The Flamenco Guitar Survival Guide, co-authored with Dr. Scott Wolf, and which is the first book to explain the underlying structure of the flamenco forms and other ‘unteachable’ aspects of this art form. A Compás will be the first text ever to be used to teach flamenco at Berklee College of Music. In addition to being a world-class teacher and performer, Kai is also an avid recording artist, having  recently completed his latest feature length album, “Contra Tiempo”.

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Orfeo Magazine has published a feature article in their latest issue for Autumn 2015, taking a look into the workshops and at the work of master luthiers Andrea Tacchi, Luigi Locatto, and Lorenzo Frignani. Featuring interviews with the luthiers themselves, as well as highlighting some of the unique approaches these luthiers take when building their instruments, this issue is loaded with tons of great information for anybody interested in the art and craft of luthierie, as well as classical guitar in general. This issue also has some splendid photography, some nice shots of the luthiers and their workshops accompany the articles to give the reader a well rounded image of how and why these craftsmen do what they do.  Click here to see the full issue of Orfeo. Also, check out some of the guitars we’ve had here at GSI as the exclusive retailers for these fine luthiers in the United States. You can see all of the guitars we’ve had from the workshops of  Tacchi, Locatto, and Frignani in our store and in our museum archive.

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Italian luthier Enrico Bottelli has just sent us some news of the latest guitar he’s been building for us! Here are some photos of the guitar in various stages of construction, we have been informed that the guitar is currently in the finishing stages and should arrive here in our showroom sometime later this month or early next month. We are excited to experience Bottelli’s latest work, but in the meantime, here are the photos he sent us.

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“A Dream Comes True” by Finn Wandahl

It was in the summer of 1972. I was a young, promising guitarist at 17 years of age who had just passed the entrance examination for the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music and was now spending the summer in Nice where French guitar virtuoso Alexandre Lagoya had been offering masterclasses every summer. I had not yet fully developed my technique and thus got to play for Lagoya only once. However, I did attend his master class lectures and was even taught by his assistant, a young French guitarist named Yves Chatelain. The lessons were held outdoors, in a wonderfully lush cloister garden porticoed on all sides. It was in these beautiful surroundings, where the lifelong dream of a guitar came to my young mind. Continue Reading



John Gallo, a fine art photographer and photo essayist, has recently completed a piece on English luthier Brian Cohen. Titled “The Six Strings of a Guitar”, Gallo’s essay tells the story of how a guitar is born; specifically: the 2014 Brian Cohen that just passed through our showroom. The essay is expected to be featured in National Geographic later this year or early next year, but John has graciously allowed us to showcase his work on our blog for you to view in advance.”The Six Stings of a Guitar” is a unique artistic piece that beautifully captures the essence of luthierie as both an art and a craft, and we are grateful to John Gallo for allowing us to share this one-of-a-kind experience with you.
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“Guitar Aficionado Magazine” has done a feature article about Guitar Salon International in their September/October 2015 issue! The article includes an interview with David Collett, President of GSI as well as with Tim Miklaucic, owner and CEO of GSI and Cordoba Music Group. We would like to thank the team over at Guitar Aficionado Magazine for not only featuring us in their publication, but also for allowing us to use their images to share with you. Read the full article below.

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