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Guitarist Tomasz Fechner and flutist Deanna Pyeon recently stopped by the showroom to treat us to an incredible performance of one of Ástor Piazzolla’s great masterpieces – the ‘Histoire du Tango’ (his only work for flute and guitar) which in four movements traces the historical development of the tango from its late ninenteenth-century origins in the bordellos of Argentina to its modern-day incarnation as a viable and fully accepted genre on the international concert scene.

For each movement, Tomasz plays a different guitar – for “Bordello 1900” he plays a 2016 Gioachino Giussani, for “Cafe 1930”, a 2018 Michael Cadiz, for “Nightclub 1960”, a 2003 Stefano Moccetti and concludes the histoire with the “Concert d’Aujourd’hui” on a 2011 Oscar Trezzini. Great piece, great guitars and a great performance from these two. Enjoy!

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Luthier Youri Soroka just informed us that he will be participating in the “Local Wood Challenge” being sponsored by the European Guitar Builders organization. This will be happening later this month, from 22-24 March in Paris at the “Salon de la Belle Guitare” event, which is one of the largest guitar shows in France.

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…luthier Matt Chaffin?

Well, it certainly has been awhile since we had one of his guitars (last one was 2017 – see here for examples of his previous, excellent work.)

So we are delighted to announce that Matt has a new classical guitar en route to us now from his workshop in Michigan. Matt built this one with a spruce top and CSA rosewood back and sides (our first from him with this combo), with maple appointments throughout – notably in the binding (which is a nice contrast to the dark reddish-brown rosewood), and the head veneer which really shows off some gorgeous flame.

We’re sure this guitar will sound as great as it looks, so keep your eyes on our new arrivals – we’ll be listing it as soon as we can after we’ve given it our full assessment of the sound, feel and playability.

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Although the classical guitars of Richard Reynoso are fully traditional in construction design and largely inspired by the great Spanish makers of the past, they do have a voice and personality that is entirely his own. See in this short video documentary how Richard’s artistic style is informed in subtle ways by his immediate environment – the classic architecture seen in some of Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles’ most iconic historical buildings of the art deco era. His love of hard yet graceful lines and contrasts is expressed in his signature carved headstock, and exquisite rosette design which draws from his love of art-deco styled chandeliers and ancient Egyptian jewelry.

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Check out these images showing the early and completed stages of the birth of our first cedar-top guitar from Carlos Juan Busquiel.

We are really looking forward to this guitar – our third from him so far. After we met in January 2018, he sent us two great guitars – one a spruce/maple, and the other a spruce/Indian rosewood, and both were outstanding. This cedar should be here next week so stay posted! Continue Reading