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We have two guitars being built for us by the great Sevilla flamenco maker Francisco Barba, so I stopped by the shop when I was in Spain to pay a visit. Francisco wasn’t there that day, but I got to hang out with his sons, Juan and Jose, and see the shop, which is quite spacious and turns out to be the home in which the sons were born, now converted to a shop. Unlike most makers, who make a few guitars at a time, the Barbas work in one large batches that they complete once a year, so that they spend most of each year preparing all the parts they will use to make a year’s worth of guitars. They prepare the woods in winter when the humidity is high, they assemble the guitars in the spring and they finish guitars in the fall.

Aside from the birds, one of the more interesting thing I noticed in the shop was the circular cutouts from the soundholes (see photos) that they keep so that if ever need to make repairs they have wood from the top of the very guitar they are repairing. We have a blanca and a negra coming from them which should be ready shortly.

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We have photos of the next guitar coming to us from Granada luthier Jose Vigil – a gorgeous cedar and Indian rosewood guitar with maple purfling and some of Jose’s most beautiful work to date. Jose is finishing French polishing the guitar now and it should be ready in just a few weeks.

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We have some beautiful photos of the next guitar on its way to us from German luthier Jochen Rothel – a stunning spruce and African rosewood that is currently being French polished and should be on its way to us very soon.

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We have some photos of what will be the next guitar coming to us from Granada luthier Henner Hagenlocher. It will be a spruce-top classical and you can see the gorgeous back and sides for yourself. Henner tells us that this is rosewood he bought in England 20 years ago when he was a student. It will be a 650 scale guitar with traditional strutting and will feature a new Torres-inspired head stock design and limited edition tuners from Fustero, who has retired and makes very few tuners these days. The guitar should be completed in about a month.

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*Update – Vladimir has sent us some more photos and the guitar looks stunning. We should have the guitar in mid June (Vladimir will be in town for GFA and is bringing it himself).

We’ve received photos of the first guitar to us coming from Russian luthier Vladimir Druzhinin, whom we met a few years back in Moscow. The guitar is a Hauser-inspired classical with a cedar top and African rosewood back and sides.

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We have photos of the next guitar on its way to us from Italian luthier Enrico Bottelli – an absolutely stunning spruce and CSA rosewood classical with Rogers tuners that Enrico tells us is similar in construction to the last guitar we had from him – this 2015 ‘Twelve’ model – in that it is a modified Hauser-style guitar, but with a lighter top for more power (with less effort by the player) without any loss of sustain or roundness of tone. The three-piece back is highly figured and the neck is made from beautifully flamed Honduran mahogany. Enrico tells us he wanted to feature the natural beauty of the wood in this guitar.

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We have photos of the beginning stages of the new guitar being made for us by Granada luthier Jose Vigil – a cedar and Indian rosewood classical in the Granada school tradition that our own JohnPaul Trotter got a look at on his recent trip to Granada. It’ll be a while before the guitar is ready, so in the meantime check out this great video of Nejc Kuhar playing the most recent cedar-top we had from Vigil.

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Check out photos of the new guitar on its way to us from Korean luthier Woon Sun Lee – an absolutely stunning cedar and CSA rosewood classical that features Lee’s meticulous and elegant craftsmanship and, judging by our experience with all of his instruments so far, will sound amazing, too!

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We have photos of the new guitar being built for us by Italian luthier Paolo Coriani – a beautiful classical guitar with a spruce top and satinwood back and sides. GSI president David Collett was recently in Italy and saw the guitar, which was completed but not yet varnished. They strung up the guitar and David reports that it sounded great. The varnish is drying as we speak and the guitar should be arriving shortly!

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We have photos of the new guitar on its way to us from German luthier Dominik Wurth – a beautiful spruce and Indian rosewood classical that should be shipping to us any day now.

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