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We just got three new guitars in from Hermanos Camps in Spain. I had heard of them, but I don’t think had ever played one, and I was a little surprised by just how good they are, so I thought I’d write a little review.

There are three models – the Primera Blanca, the Primera Negra, and the Primera A (which has a slightly different soundboard, even nicer wood, a 20th fret and upgraded tuners) – but I think that what they have in common is actually more important than the differences between them.
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Rafael Moreno Rodriguez‘s Sueño model (sueño means ‘dream’) has some of the most intense wood and inlay work you’re likely to see in a guitar. Apparently Rafa (everyone calls him Rafa, and I’ve known him for over 20 years so it’s hard to call him anything else) was inspired by a 19th century guitar made by Joaquin Ruiz which he had in his shop for repairs some time ago. Structurally the guitar is all Rafa, and the inlay work is pure fantasy (of the sort that not too many guitar makers can pull off).

This particular guitar belonged to our friend Vicente Coves, also of Granada. He toured extensively with it, recorded a CD for Naxos with it and shot his DVD of the Aranjuez for Spanish television on it. It’s also the actual guitar featured in the book Guitarreros de Andalucia (Luthiers from Andalucia) in the chapter about Moreno Rodriguez.

You should take a look at Felix’s amazing photos of the guitar here to get a really good idea of the workmanship, and below we have some photos of Vicente playing in front of the Alhambra and with the Naxos orchestra, as well as the pages from Guitarreros de Andalucia that talk about the guitar. We also have video of Vicente playing the Aranjuez with the Madrid Symphony Orchestra and the Premiere of Anna Muzychenko’s Rapsodia Andaluza with the Moscow Youth Symphony Orchestra at Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow.

You can read more about Rafael Moreno Rodriguez here.

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La Guitarra: A Comprehensive Study of Classical Guitar Technique and Guide to Performing

At last! The revised and expanded edition of of Pepe Romero’s Guitar Style and Technique (1982), which has been out-of-print for several decades. New features include sections on Tremolo, Flamenco, Concert Performance, additional finger gymnastics, and a Romero photo album. It contains all the music in the earlier version and several new pieces, all newly engraved (including “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” with Pepe’s fingering). It is 9×12, wire-spiral bound, 144 pages, and the list price will be $29.95. Available starting this summer at the GSI Store.

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Scott Morris’ book Classical Guitar Complete: From Basics to Bach, Vol. 1 has been so well received that we’ve gotten many requests for Vol. 2. Well, Volume 2 is just about complete, and we have a gift for anyone who would like to pre-order their copy now. The book will be out on June 25, and between now and then if you pre-order Volume 2 you’ll get a free copy of Scott’s CD ‘Danza’, which features works by Paganini, Villa-Lobos and Jorge Morel.

Volume 2 deals with some more advanced concepts, beginning with reading and playing beyond first position and all over the fretboard, musicality, ornamentation, alternate tunings and advanced techniques.

Here’s an excerpt from the book and a couple of MP3 excerpts from his CD ‘Danza’: Jorge Morel’s ‘Peruvian Folk Song’ and Paganini’s ‘Grand Sonata in A’.

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Jeff Elliott is one of those guys who’s so in demand that he had to close his waiting list, and his guitars are pretty much impossible to buy. The craftsmanship is some of the best I’ve ever seen. They’re played by folks like Julian Bream, Ralph Towner, Leo Kottke, Jonathan Leathwood, Dick Weissman, Earl Klugh, and Burl Ives. So we were pretty excited when David when up to Portland, OR, to pick up a guitar from him and spend some time with Jeff and his partner, Cyndy Burton.

You can check out the guitar here, and see some photos of the guitar in progress here. David also recorded an interview with Jeff and Cyndy when he was up there, and we’ll post that soon.

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Danish luthier Kenneth Brogger has been inspired to make a Stardivari-inspired guitar. David Collett spoke to Kenneth quite a bit about this, and here’s what David has to say:

For the last several years, Kenneth Brogger has traveled to a musical instrument fair in Cremona (the city most often associated with the famous violin maker Antonio Stradivari) in North Italy. Although the exhibits every year are always spectacular, the most recent one in 2011 (called “Antonio Stradivari – the Sublime Aesthetics”) was particularly extraordinary, and has captured Kenneth’s attention in a very interesting way. (Click on the image for more and for some beautiful photos).


We got another nice review of Valseana, the CD we recorded with Marc Teicholz on 18 historic guitars, this time in Acoustic Guitar magazine. Check it out here: Acoustic Guitar: Waltzing Through History.


Our CD ‘Valseana’, in which guitarist Marc Teicholz plays 18 waltzes on 18 amazing historic guitars, got a really nice review from the French magazine ‘Guitare Clasique’. Check out the review.


Our friend Scott Morris, who heads up the guitar department at Cal State Dominguez Hills, has just published a new book called ‘Classical Guitar Complete – From Basics To Bach’, which is a result of his years of teaching and is basically the book he always wished he had when teaching. Scott came in and shot some videos illustrating the main points of some of the book’s lessons, and we’ll be doing a bunch more in coming weeks.


I’m pretty excited that we’re going to be carrying Acoustic Image amps, so I thought I’d write a little review that is maybe closer to an ode to the amp that made me a happier guitarist.

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