Flamenco phenomenon Grisha Goryachev was in playing some guitars this week, and we recorded some amazing videos and an interview. I’ll be posting those soon, and in the meantime here he is playing this week’s ‘Deal of the Week’ – a koa Hermanos Conde ‘Felipe V’ model, the top of the line from the Felipe V shop.

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4 Responses to “Grisha Plays Hermanos Conde ‘Felipe V’ Koa”

  1. Mark says:

    Grisha’s playing any guitar is the best promotion and I would gladly give him the keys to my house!!! Hell, I’d roll the red carpet in his honor!!! What fantastic playing!!! Viva Grisha and GSI… I wish I were there to see him play all these sweet instruments!!! mb

  2. Kareem says:

    Amazing … Sure Grisha s playing didn’t surprise me cause this is the usual what he do he is a good player, but what really surprise me the sound of the guitar the Conde with Koa back i couldn’t it is amazing sound very unique and raspy and lyrical sound, it worth money i have a blanca Conde but i was surprised really from this guitar and i will go and check about it.
    Best Regards and happy new year


    • Carla Kelly says:

      It is always an honor when Grisha plays. I’ve heard him preform many times live, been privy to recordings from his brilliant senior recital at the NEC on, and he just gets better, and better. Viva Grisha, El Cid de flamenco! Kudos to Guitar Salon for providing these fine guitars and recordings.

  3. miguel huipe says:

    esta buena esa guitarra de felipe conde ole gricha


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