Jeronimo Maya

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About 20 years ago, when Jeronimo Maya was around this age, I got to see a show at Carnegie Hall (I think, I could be wrong on that) where Sabicas, Paco de Lucía and a very young Jeronimo each played solo. It was billed, appropriately, as three generations of flamenco guitar. It was one of Sabicas’ last live performances and one of those experiences I’ll never forget. Anyway, this video will show you a little of why Jeronimo Maya, at that age, was considered to be in the same category as Sabicas and Paco.

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  1. Abe Galan says:

    This video is amazing, I practice everyday, and I hope that I can play at this level in 40 more years. Compas is perfect, clear technique, and relaxed, its the ultimate Alegrias.


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