I happened to be at the Graciliano Perez shop in Córdoba just as Paco Serrano was picking up his new negra, so we got some great footage of Paco trying it out for the very first time. It’s a treat to watch him get to know the new instrument – they later raised the action for him as he’s got an incredibly strong right hand. This instrument is obviously not for sale, but it’s very similar to this negra from Graciliano Perez that we currently have in stock.

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12 Responses to “Paco Serrano – Graciliano Perez”

  1. Jose Perez says:

    Hola Guitar Salón, fue un placer abrir nuestras puertas a kai Narezo y poder disfrutar junto a el del Maestro Paco Serrano. Gracias Kai y Guitar Salón por vuestra visita.

  2. Aside from the dazzling technique of Paco Serrano, the guitar sounds as if it needs to settle in and be played a lot to incur a certain solid feel and ambiente…. to explore its deeper dimensions. Obviously it has a potential for grand performance, but right now it sounds as if it is too loose in its action and articulation, not enough snap but give it some time.

    Tom Blackshear

  3. Garrett says:

    Great video. Really gives an insight to Paco that I didn’t have before. A great guitarist, obviously, but also has a fun, but intense style. A friend of mine went to study with Paco many years ago, Juan Ramirez. I can see how he would have benefited greatly. Juan stayed in Spain and is a fine flamenco guitarist in his own right.

    Thank you for the video. And thank you, Paco Serrano, for allowing it.


  4. Padook says:

    Well the poor little guitar is being overpowered by the player and certainly isn’t set up to respond well. Tom Blackshear is being kind; the instrument sounds generic and lacks depth — and the maestro doesn’t look happy.

  5. Dr. Arturo F. jasso says:

    Todo muy bien: mucha técnica, mucha velocidad, etc. Brilla por su ausencia la calidad del sonido, a mi ver, el sonido me parece definitivamente algo metálico y/o alambrado.

  6. T.J says:

    This guy played like he meant it! The poor guitar did not stand much of a chance.

  7. Padook says:

    Claro Dr. Arturo — pero por supuesto por el precio en la tienda es de 2.500 euros, mientras que el “iconic” Marin costará más de $9.000, y se hizo para ser admirada en la vitrina de un coleccionista, que más pagaría esto por un objeto, seguramente no un músico profesional.

  8. casimir says:

    i dont like the sound of this guitar .
    not crisp , follon

  9. Blackie says:

    Creo que valorar la guitarra por el sonido de un video es demasiado arriesgado,hay que oír como el maestro Paco Serrano cuando está tocando muestra su impresión positiva ,y asi lo expresa claramente.Oiganle.Estos comentarios de denigrar a un Guitarrero para ensalzar a otro ya están muy vistos en los foros.Tengo dos guitarras de Graciliano Pérez y son dos grandes instrumentos que suenan mejor con el paso de los ańos.

  10. Blackie says:

    I think that it is too risky to
    appreciated the guitar by the sound of a video.You need to hear the Maestro Paco Serrano when he is playing shows his positive impresions,and so clearly expressed,Listen him.
    These reviews of denigrating a Luthier for extol to another are very seen in forums.I have two guitars by Graciliano Pérez and they are two large instruments that sounds better with the years.

  11. anton says:

    I’m surprised to read the comments made about this guitar, they say the teacher is uncomfortable with the guitar, probably does not know Spanish and have not heard what Paco Serrano said about it , he says things like these ,I’d be playing here seven hours ! ,The response of the guitar is great ! ; Unless someone wants to contradict the master Paco Serrano , he can say that this guitar is just a piece of furniture .
    Graciliano Perez guitars are known worldwide , and these guitars do not seem lord worse than the others, it seems that after the comment is not an honest critique .

  12. Padook says:

    Nobody said this guitar is a piece of furniture — I said the Marin Montero listed for $9,000+ is made more for a collector than a player. In fact I was comparing the Perez favorably in this context, quite to the contrary of denigrating it to promote another maker.

    Just because Perez has made great guitars that people love doesn’t mean they all are great. The comments about Serrano’s sound on this one are clearly valid, video sound notwithstanding — the guitar is not handling his quite heavy technique very well, and what i said was that it seemed to be a function of the set-up.

    Several posters said that the guitar didn’t sound great — there needs to be some truth and balance to offset the fact that every guitar sold and described by GSI and many other dealers is an awesome masterpiece, with crisp trebles, powerful basses, infinite projection, flawless workmanship, and all the other hoopla to justify prices which put the instrument out of your reach and my reach.


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