Here’s guitarist Aaron Larget-Caplan playing Schubert’s Ständchen (Serenade), as arranged by J. K. Mertz, F. Liszt and himself, on a 2014 Lorenzo Frignani spruce and Makassar ebony classsical.

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  1. Aaron says:

    I had a wonderful time, albeit short, exploring this instrument. As it opens with playing its timbre and dynamic range will be quite impressive. The ebony back and sides was also stunning!

  2. My compliments on this beautiful sounding guitar and of course the player who does justice to an instrument like this.
    That becomes clear when you pay attention to his rhythmic interpretation and the timbre playing he soulfully adds.
    It is not an easy piece and maybe that explains the gaps when the player has to change positions: The most difficult part
    in classical guitar playing to make a piece sound more fluid and homogeneous. You can hear more at the end that the
    player in fact knows this is a necessity. The polyphonic parts are executed very good and each voice can be followed easily
    which is a quality in itself.

  3. Nicholas Carracino says:

    I don’t understand why guitarists play with these contraptions on their leg. It’s like putting your guitar in a wheelchair.

    • Aaron says:

      I use it as I prefer this contraption over back pain or a future wheelchair. It may not appeal aesthetically to you, but I find it comparable to a violinist and his chin rest, and hopefully it is the musical product that matters most. Thanks for your comment Nicholas.

  4. Paola Berini says:

    I know this luthier guitars for over twenty years and I am really happy to see them represented in GSI.
    Piece difficult but certainly suitable to highlight the qualities of this beautiful guitar sounds very expressive and with great potential.
    In my opinion one of the best luthiers of the contemporary international scene and good performer for the music choice.

  5. Ross jones says:

    A beautiful piece played superbly on a great guitar.very smooth and romantic so it really moved me.
    Not bad looking beard too!

  6. David says:

    Beautifully played music on a exquisite guitar.

    I visited GSI recently and played approximately 20 different guitars to decide which one to take home with me. This guitar stood out among all the guitars I played. It was beautifully crafted and also had a noticeable ease of play. And above all, it sounded incredible. It rang like no other instrument I had ever played and the sustain seemed to go on forever. Yes, it’s mine now and I play it for hours every day.

    Lorenzo Frignani is a supreme luthier. When GSI gets the next guitar made by him then do yourself a favor and check it out. He makes amazing instruments.

  7. I have tried many wonderful guitars along the years, and I have been playing a Lorenzo Frignani for almost 15 years since I began my career, and I firmly believe – IMHO – he is one of the best luthiers on Earth.
    His instruments are incredibly well crafted, and, most importantly, they have a gorgeous sound, rich and spectacularly well balanced. Many many times while performing in EU and in the US, several people and peers were coming to me after the concert being very curious about this wonderful instrument, which is able to enchant thanks to his warm and beautiful sound. God bless Lorenzo.

  8. Doug Grassey says:

    Beautiful, guitar and performance! I was a bit distracted by the guitar brace.

  9. Angelo Gilardino says:

    Lorenzo Frignani is one of the heirs of the tradition of the great Italian guitar makers of the first half of the 20th century: Luigi Mozzani, Pietro Gallinotti, Lorenzo Bellafontana, Mario Pabè, Nicola De Bonis. These masters created the Italian sound: with adopting the Spanish “plantilla”, they were able to impart to their instruments – in different ways – a sort of tone quality that makes of them something different from the Spanish guitars. Such a historical line is little known all the world over, but it did not fail to call for the attention of Andrés Segovia who, on 1937, in the year spent between the dismissal of his Ramirez-Hernandez and his adoption of the Hermann Hauser (March 1938), used a Mozzani during his USA and Latin America tour. The tradition of these masters – visibly reflected in many details of the construction – had been inherited by several members of the following generations of luthiers, and Lorenzo Frignani is, among them, an outstanding example. His guitars are Italian from within, his culture and his craftmanship flow from the art of Cremona violin makers and from the Mozzani vision, and they show the mark of a highly individual, original personality. Angelo Gilardino.

  10. sandro volta says:

    Personalità,rispetto della tradizione liutaria italiana e uno sguardo all’innovazione.
    Tutto questo rende la duttile chitarra di Lorenzo Frignani in grado di sostenere- con soddisfazione- il più ampio e variegato repertorio.La chiarezza timbrica e le considerevoli potenzialità dinamiche nulla tolgono alla fascinazione “coloristica”più intima. La ricerca di Lorenzo si attesta oggi nel più elevato panorama internazionale.

  11. Being a pianist, I listened to Aaron Larget-Caplan’s beautiful,soulful playing of Schubert’s Serenade with a sense of awe wondering how it was possible to manipulate the theme and accompaniment on a guitar. And what a guitar! A ravishingly beautiful instrument. My deepest compliments to him.

    Seymour Bernstein

  12. Although I do prefer the timbre of early instruments (such as Torres,Garcia,Hauser, Bouchet and others) I like the sound qualities of this one: compliments!! Nice guitar and beautiful performance.

  13. Giovanni Panciroli says:

    Congratulations to Lorenzo Frignani, one of the best Italian luthiers!

  14. Pam Curtis says:

    Wondeful instrument-but its the artistry of the musician that makes it sing! Bravo Aaron!

  15. Alex says:

    Beautifully played and arranged. The section with the two voices was really nice. Kudos!

  16. Joanne says:


  17. charles thiesen says:

    Sweet guitar, nice arrangement, terrific performance. Thanks for posting it.

  18. And on that evening I listened to many guitars including a Torres. I am especially thankful to Aaron for always playing so exquisitely giving true life to the guitar.A guitar such as this one was blessed by the touch of the master.

  19. Mr. Lorenzo Frignani has an important role at the highest level of the World luthiery and this instrument is a clear demonstration of that. The guitar has a warm and “human” sound which allows the guitarist to easily bring out the deepness of Schubert soul.

  20. Marti Bitts says:

    Thank you Aaron, and videographer Kai, for this exquisite experience with Schubert’s Serenade. The two voices, as referred to above by another, were so artfully arranged and performed. i’m grateful to the excellent views of the left hand doing its job on this video as well as the bumblebee one. I’m still trying to catch my breath. Marti

  21. Diane KB says:

    Beautiful, Aaron! I think you have captured the sound that Schubert had in mind. A real treat.


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