After 10 years of building spruce-topped guitars exclusively, Dominique Field has just completed his 230th guitar with a Canadian red cedar soundboard. The French builder’s last cedar guitar was #163 and made in 2004 for GSI – view Field’s #163 here. Dominique has told us that he (as well as the owner of this new cedar top guitar, and a small group of aficionados who have seen and played the guitar) is absolutely satisfied with the resulting tonal characteristics despite what he saw initially as a challenge to maintain the same high qualities he has mastered in his spruce instruments. He does note that the coloration of sound does of course have the attributes of cedar but the responsiveness, dynamic range, power and overall personality of tone still bears his signature sound. He has decided to build others in the future, and we are thrilled to now have this as an option for our clients as well. His cedar is of exceptionally high quality – he purchased it in the 1970’s so it is has been curing and aging beautifully while in his possession for all these years.

Photos courtesy of D. Mairat.

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