Ben Woods called and said he wanted to check out the new Ethan Deutsch negra (Ben’s from Seattle and they’ve known each other for a while). I, of course, wanted to shoot videos of him trying it, but we’re installing new floors in the showroom, so we decided to bring some guitars to my studio and shoot the videos there. The lighting is a little weird, but we still got to shoot some great video of Ben doing his thing, and we’ll have a couple more soon. So here’s Ben playing Heavy Mellow and Tarantula on the new negra.

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8 Responses to “Ben Woods – Ethan Deutsch”

  1. Victor says:

    Looks great and sounds crisp and clear. I did not listin on a good system so not sure how the bass sounds. Love the way the guitar looks too.

  2. Gustavo says:

    Nice. Ethan built a negra for me in early 2013. I love the guitar and feel it has a really distinct voice. Good to see his negras up on GSI’s site.

  3. Drumcious says:

    Like all guitar performances, I always find myself struggling get a good look at the right-hand nails since nails/nail-preferences vary so dramatically. Watching these two performances (which were excellent), it occurred to me that many GSI fans would probably feel the same. Perhaps GSI can ask each guitarist they tape to have their right-hand nails photographed at the same time. To take this a step further, GSI can include short responses/opinions of guitar players’ right-hand nails to their performers, which would include the photograph of their nails. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a resource like this. Personally, I think it’d be extremely helpful (and novel). What do you think?

  4. Mark K says:

    Hi just wondering what Ben W. thought of the guitar I didnt watch the vids I know he’s a great guitarist seen him many times all over the web! And how this thing costing 1 arm or 2?

  5. ronjazz says:

    To Drumcious: novel it would be to have nails inspected, but helpful? Probably not. Every hand is so different that one can only determine the ideal length and shape of one’s nails by finding your ideal sound. For instance, all three of my ima nails are quite different from each other, thus I have to file and shape each one completely differently.

    Ben W., new to me, is my favorite type of musician: unafraid to break with tradition and convention, yet fully respectful and cognizant of the tradition. Very good playing and expression.

  6. Rojarosguitar says:

    I admire the relatively honest sound of these recordings. So many guitar recordinges are hyped in one way or the other…

    I think if we are really interested in exposing the qualities of a guitar a simple and honest chain of gear and processors (or better the lack thereof) should be made transparent to the listener so that the informed musician can get a realistic impression of the instrument. It should IMHO be published honestly with the videos as much as the contents of pharmaceutics must be oublished along with the pills…

    I’d be interested to know what microphones, preamps and subsequent processings were used for these recordings

    • Rojarosguitar says:

      Sorry for the typos, too little fonts on my iPad…

      • Kai says:

        I’m more than happy to share the recording chain I use to record: For most videos I use a pair of Neumann km84 as a spaced pair (sort of a necessity to keep the mics out of the shot when possible – they’re just out of the shot slightly below the bridge and slightly above the fretboard around the fifth fret, give or take depending on what the guitar seems to want) through the pres in the Apogee Duet 2. I never EQ (seems dishonest) and occasionally I’ll add a bit of reverb from the Lexicon (PCM90 until recently, PCM92 for the last few months). In these videos of Ben, for example, which were not shot in the nice big GSI showroom, I added reverb to try to approximate the sound of the showroom since my studio is quite dead. I don’t compress at all when I mix, but then I do hit the finished mix pretty hard with a limiter so our videos can compete on YouTube (one of the presets in the Wave Arts Finalplug plugin has a really transparent limiter I like, and by using the same preset I at least know they are all processed in the exactly the same way). That’s it.
        Occasionally a manufacturer will lend me some mics to play with and I always make a point of thanking them and making it clear that those were the mics used for those sessions.


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