Here’s more of Aaron Larget-Caplan, this time playing selections from Keigo Fujii’s Hagoromo on a great 2008 Oscar Trezzini spruce and CSA rosewood guitar.

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7 Responses to “Aaron Larget-Caplan plays Oscar Trezzini”

  1. charles thiesen says:

    Great performance of a piece I never heard before and am very happy to have heard now. I’m amazed that one guitarist can actually make those sounds, but that’s kind of beside the point which is it was wonderful to listen to.

  2. Tom Silver says:

    I also hadn’t heard this piece but love Aaron’s powerful and passionate rendering.

  3. Lin Hymel says:

    Aaron, you’ve shown us incredible virtuosity and a googol of new guitar sounds and technique. The guitar is well rounded, warm, and powerful.

  4. ‘The Legend of Hagoromo’ is the title track on my solo CD being released by Stone Records in June 2015.


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