This might make everyone’s life a bit better – Blue Microphones (they’ve lately been branching out into more consumer stuff, buy they started out making great studio mics, so they definitely know how to do that. I’ve used some of their capsules in the studio for years now and I love them.) is coming out with a microphone that attaches directly to the newer generation Flip cameras (it won’t work on my older one – wah). Hopefully this will make YouTube sound a whole lot better, not to mention everyone’s home recordings of their new guitars. I think it’s going to street at somewhere between $60 and $80, and it should be coming out very soon.

It probably won’t replace the Sony PCM D50 that we use to demo guitars here at the showroom, but it’ll be a great step up from the lousy audio quality of the Flip cameras, and you won’t have to manually sync audio in a DAW to get decent sound on your videos. I’ve tried Blue’s Mikey for recording with the iPod and the sound is downright acceptable.

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  1. Luis says:

    Hi all, I was looking for the new Blue Mikey Flip mic, since I’m shopping to buy a Flip after reading this. I was looking on Amazon and I found out this:

    Message from the Manufacturer: Cisco recently announced that it will be exiting the Flip business. Support will continue within the terms of the Flip Video warranty, which is 1 year from the purchase date. FlipShare and technical support for Flip video cameras will continue until December 31, 2013. To learn more about support and warranty information, please visit our Flip Video FAQ.

    Then I looked in the Blue website, and I found this:


    Hopefully, they will come out with another product like this soon!


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