We had the duo of Alfredo Cáceres and Waldo Valenzuela back at GSI to shoot some more videos – they just released their new CD ‘Hispanica’ and they played a couple of tunes from the CD. Here they are playing Calle Niebla, one of Alfredo’s tunes, on a great pair of Lucas Martin flamencos – with Alfredo playing the negra and Waldo playing the blanca.

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3 Responses to “Alfredo Caceres and Waldo Valenzuela – Calle Niebla”

  1. Ilook forward to hearing these great artists perform. Thank you for these entertaining videos. I would not be able to see these talented artists perform otherwise.

  2. Ricardo Wagner says:

    These guitar masters keeping music sounds beatiful. Great song.

  3. Sherman McCormick says:

    Thanks for this, really mellow and easy listening jazz.


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