We got a lovely note from luthier Tobias Berg, who is about to finish another guitar for us and who, as you’ll see, just celebrated his 20th year as a luthier.

From Tobias:

“I just glued the bridge on # 104 – using vacuum as I’ve done for the past 10 years. Then it came to my mind that exactly today, 20 years ago the first guitar making course started in Sweden. Under the tutelage of Michael Sanden we diligently worked for 4 weeks and at the end I had built my first classical guitar. On the label it says #2 since my first guitar was an electric I dabbled on myself together with a friend who knew woodworking but nothing about guitars.
I thought I’d send a few pictures – just for interest. It’s got a sitka top and mahogany back and sides. The rosette is Eucalyptus end grain and the headstock quite “Hauseresque“ (but crude). The whole guitar is crude but it was the initial spark that made me want to become a luthier. The following year I went to Timeless Instruments in Canada, the UK followed and Germany. In September it will be 10 years since I sent my first two guitars, numbers #19 and #20, to GSI.”

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