When Christopher Dro picked up his first guitar at the age of 18, he had no idea that he’d spend the next ten years making up for lost time. Having arrived late to the world of music, Christopher quickly built a firm foundation of musical principles and music theory while earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of California – Santa Cruz. There, under the diligent instruction of Bill Coulter and Mesut Özgen, he cultivated his newfound love for the nylon-string guitar, quickly embracing the art for its expressiveness and its ability to communicate without words.

dro1Having found his true calling, and recognizing the importance of playing and learning with other musicians, Christopher travelled to Spain after graduation to seek out his voice and hone his classically-trained technique. For the next three years, in the rare company of the flamenco circle, Christopher witnessed the remarkable synthesis of rhythm, melody, and tempo, while studying with guitarists Juan del Gastor, Paco Fernandez, Miguel Angel Cortes, Manolo Franco and mastering the art of dance accompaniment under the scrutiny of internationally renowned dancers Juana Amaya, Concha Vargas, and Angelita Vargas.

In 2010, Christopher began his career as a professional musician in earnest, relocating to Hamburg, Germany. While recording music segments for one of Germany’s largest theaters, Christopher continued developing his craft while performing in various venues throughout Germany.

More than ten years after touching his first guitar, Christopher returned to the United States in late 2013, where he experienced a creative epiphany — setting aside the lessons and experiences that brought him to this point, he began experimenting with composition, allowing the music to set his course without concern for adhering to a particular style. This improvised approach emphasizes fluidity, dynamism, and creativity, blurring the lines between technique and genre.


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