Nolan Harvel is one of those artists whose age always precedes his name, simply because it’s hard to believe how complete he sounds for someone so young (he’s 14). He just won third place in the Parkening competition for young guitarists and we’re really glad he was able to stop by to introduce himself and shoot some videos. Here he is playing Segovia’s Estudio Sin Luz on a fantastic 2008 Andrea Tacchi ‘Ommagio a Robert Bouchet’ model.

*We had help from our good friend Tara Stewart, who shot and edited Nolan’s videos. Tara has been a big help over the years with great advice on video production, and she’s just left her job producing video for Fender to go live in Spain and study flamenco for the rest of the year, so we wish her safe travels. You can check out more of Tara’s stuff at Tarafina.com.

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5 Responses to “Nolan Harvel”

  1. tom says:

    Such mature playing with a rare understanding of rubato. A slow tempo helps in assessing
    the tonal characteristics of a guitar but I would have liked to have heard more of the
    upper register.

  2. sam halstead says:

    Very nice sound and song. I liked it.

  3. Steve Biasini says:

    Great playing!! I am lucky enuf to own a Tacchi. It is almost impossible to find a fault with it, Andrea builds great guitars. This boy could play that Tacchi for his whole life and be hard pressed to find a better one…It fits him like a glove.

  4. Jim Stroud says:

    I agree with Steve. The guitar sounds terrific in his hands. And yes you cannot go wrong with Tacchi. His right hand looks like a textbook example of perfect technique and only 14! Scary!

  5. tom says:

    It may indeed be a fine guitar but without hearing sustained and full-bodied notes in the upper register, it’s difficult to say.
    Is there really such a thing as a ‘textbook example of perfect (right hand) technique? Which ‘textbook’ are we talking about? It seems to me that no two players are alike.


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