Orfeo#5_anOrfeo Magazine published a feature article in their spring issue and 5th publication, which highlights the story of master luthier José Luis Romanillos who builds out of his workshop in Guijosa, Spain. Providing rich details about Antonio de Torres’ influence on Romanillos’ building style, as well as the impact Segovia’s 1913 Manuel Ramirez and Bream’s 1936 Hermann Hauser had as templates for Romanillos’ own guitars, this issue overshadows these influences with the Spanish luthier’s grand philosophy as a builder. Romanillos’ aesthetic approach is further presented very nicely as we’re informed about how his rosettes are influenced by mosque columns in Córdoba among other details. Click here to see the full issue of Orfeo.

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2 Responses to “Orfeo Magazine #5 – Jose Romanillos”

  1. Ricardo Wagner says:

    Superb and astonishing..

  2. Shawn Carlson says:

    It is a great article with super photos of the type of guitars that Jose Romanillos makes. You will see from the article that not only are his guitars masterfully made but he has done more to educate classical guitar luthiers on how Spanish guitars are mode and how they shaped the sound that built the careers of Francisco Tárrega, Miquel Llobet Solés, Andrés Segovia Torres and others.


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