We’ve been shooting videos of Olivia Chiang since 2012. She’s now 15 years old and has just recorded the Chaconne from Bach’s Violin Partita in D minor. It’s a big piece, of course, and Olivia handles it beautifully, playing a 2015 Matthew Chaffin cedar-top.

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7 Responses to “Olivia Chiang plays Bach Chaconne”

  1. Garrett says:

    Really nice performance. You can tell that she’s spent countless hours with the music.
    That guitar sounds great. Seems to me from the occasional buzzing that the strings are lower than a typical classical, which is okay by me. And is that a golpeador or just a protector on the soundboard? Interesting.

    Great work. Thank you.

  2. Gerald Wilson says:

    A fine performance by a very young musician. The guitar she was playing was really not a helpful partner in this performance; unfortunately, it sounded rather thin, almost “tinny.” What is lacking in an otherwise competent performance is the passion that is so necessary to this masterpiece of music….something which is more reasonably to expected from a more mature performer. I would like to hear her play this Bach gem ten years from now on something like a Hauser I, a Ramirez Centennario, Dominique Field or a Fleta so as to allow a more fair comparison. She might well listen to Marc Teicholz’s performance of the Chaconne on a 1952 Hauser I on GSI’s Youtube channel for guidance. I wish her the very best for what should be a brilliant future.

  3. John Phelan says:

    I listened to the performance on my iphone and I did not think it sounded tinny, and I really did not hear any buzzing. Her playing was outstanding and impeccable. What a memory she has. The music produced by this guitar is also a pleasure to hear.

  4. John Phelan says:

    I listened for a second time start to finish. She sings to the heavens and so does this guitar. Beautifully done.

  5. Marv Luse says:

    Sounds like a 15 year old kid playing the Chaconne… oh, wait, that’s what it is. Anybody that considers this to “sing to the heavens” is only advertising their tin ear. That said, very competent technique. Maybe someday she will learn to be a musician.

  6. Well, well, if that is the playing of a NON musician then, I modestly propose, that Marv Luse show us how he would play the Chaconne since, I presume, Marv Luse is a true musician.

  7. Michael Richter says:

    Hi, Olivia is almost playing the John Williams version of the Chaconne. I enjoy this version the most of all I know so far. In my opinion Olivia plays it deep and remote – just as Bach was probably thinking about it.
    Does anyone have the scores/notes to this version? I was checking the internet without success. Is this version somewhere published? Can somebody give me a hint where to find this version? It is much better than the Segovia one – in my opinion.
    BR – from Germany Michael


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