The guitar world lost a dear friend and great guitar maker this week with the passing of Manuel Contreras II – known to everyone as Pablo. Our condolences go out to his family and friends and the extended family of guitarists who loved him.

Though I had been acquainted with Pablo for many years, it wasn’t until this past May that I really got to know him a bit when I sat down to do some interviews and hang out with him at his shop in Madrid. I was struck by his sense of humor, his honesty and his conviction in all things guitar. It was my last day in Madrid and I remember wishing I could stay another day or two to take him up on his offer to go get a drink after the shop closed.

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7 Responses to “In Memoriam – Manuel Contreras II”

  1. Kevin says:

    My condolences to the family of Manuel Contreras II. He makes very good guitars, just like my Double Top.

    • Ian Sinclair says:

      I will never forget the first time I peered through the window of the Contreras shop as a youngster in 1976. There in the window was a flamenco guitar, complete with a warm, glowing spruce finish, and wooden pegs! I tried it out and the It was love at first sight. With the help of my girlfriend, I forked out eight thousand pesetas and became ts proud owner. Moments ago I was sitting in my music room half a world away in New Zealand, playing that same instrument, and marveling at its large voice, festive tone and fast action. It is perfectly balanced, no cracks, and has survived thirty five years of continuous play much better than I have. I would never part with it So it came as a shock when I saw MG Contreras’ son Pablo has now also passed away. Eighteen months ago I chatted by email with Pablo while trying to find someone in Madrid to restore another instrument. Even though my guitar was a different make, he was helpful and courteous, a real gentleman. . My condolences to his family. I do hope the business carries on and the shop stays on Calle Mayor. Thanks to Guitar Salon for informing us of this tragedy.

  2. Neue Geschaftskontakte und neue Freunde finden. Das eigene Geschaft bewerben & Spass haben…

  3. Alisa Hanson says:

    A big thank you for your article post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

  4. Mel Sherwood says:

    So, how old was he and what did he die of?
    Is there no one to continue running the shop,
    or is this the end of Contreras guitars?

  5. Jerry Mazza says:

    Manuel Jr. made a left-handed classical guitar(in 2001) for me, the 2nd one he ever made. He made a mistake and had to recut the bridge for a left hander. I lived in Madrid for 4 years (1962-1966) and had stopped by his store many times, at that time I ended up buying a Ramirez student model. The guitar he made for me is the best. In fact I crossed paths with David Ross, a left hander,. and after he played my guitar he went to Madrid and bought a model similar to mine. Please extend my condolences to the Contreras family and employees. I just learned of his passing today 21Dec 2013.


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