At the foot of Mallorca’s highest mountain, Puig Major (1450 meters) in the Sóller Valley, the beautiful little medieval village Fornalutx is surrounded by lemon and orange groves. It is so beautiful that it has been repeatedly named Spain’s best kept village. It is said that the world’s largest and best oranges come from here – and now also some of the world’s finest guitars. Kenneth Brögger has established a second guitar workshop in this beautiful village, where Chopin said: “If paradise exists on earth – then it must be here!”. The workshop is situated in a house that appears exactly as it was when it was originally built in 1900 – original, “primitive” and charming. Only five steps up the stairs from the main hall is Kenneth’s new Spanish workshop. Perhaps the world’s smallest professional guitar workshop (7.4 square meters) – or at least one of them – is where he builds one (maximum two) guitars at a time, due to limited space. Pure vacation has never had much appeal to Kenneth, so he is much happier to be able to work when he travels with his family here to southern Europe. Kenneth will be keeping his current workshop in Denmark running and will be splitting his time and work between the two locations. Please view the photos to see the new location as well as Kenneth at work building a guitar with walnut back and sides – GSI will have one of these later this year.

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