We have photos of the next guitar on the way to us from luthier Zoran Kuvac – what looks to be a beautiful spruce and CSA rosewood classical that should be here some time late Summer.

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3 Responses to “Coming Soon – Zoran Kuvac”

  1. Virgil Rochester says:

    Interesting bracing on the sides and would be curious as to the principle involved/being addressed by that design. Assumption is to stiffen the sides, but makes one wonder whether or not there might be sympathetic vibrations and their affect on the soundtop.

    His work looks very clean. Would love to hear it next to an Ashley Sanders.

  2. John Epstein says:

    July 22 2015 08.15AM
    Very cle

  3. John Epstein says:

    July 22 08.15am

    Very clean workmanship,but everything in the top work and sides is an absolute Dominique Field’s imitation! It has the same specifications for the bracing,it looks as a “replica”?
    I could guess the back also has the same typical bracing as Dominique Field.


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