Wesley Park is a student of Christopher Parkening at Pepperdine University (as is his brother Alex Park, whom you’ll recognize from the videos he’s done with us). Wesley played Carlo Domeniconi’s ‘Koyunbaba’ on a beautiful Felipe Conde Centenario model – a guitar that celebrates 100 years of the Esteso-Conde family history in guitar making.

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2 Responses to “Wesley Park – Koyunbaba (Felipe Conde ‘Centenario’)”

  1. Taso says:

    Bravo Wesley…This is a fantastic first GSI video for you! I look forward to more of them

  2. sam halstead says:

    What an accomplishment ! Sound from the Centenario, and musicianship from Mr. Park.I couldn’t take my eyes or ears off this performance!Beautiful!


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