Here’s a lovely little video of Danish luthier Kenneth Brögger at work in his shop, accompanied by the playing of guitarist Kaare Norge (playing one of Brogger’s guitars, of course). I’ve been lucky enough to spend probably hundreds of hours in luthiers’ shops, and I never seem to tire of watching it happen.

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4 Responses to “Kenneth Brogger At Work”

  1. Bora Ugurlu says:

    Truly inspiring..
    I wish I had the guts and the patience to do the same.

  2. Lawrence Tendler says:

    A lovely and very moving video. Thank you.

  3. Lawrence Tendler says:

    Kenneth is a very talented craftsman.

  4. I’d love to be in a position to watch something like this happen. Beautiful performance on the music, too… Thank you for posting this…


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