Triplet Rasgueado

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Here’s one of those very flamenco-ey techniques that gives people a lot of trouble at first. I’ve come up with a system of teaching it that always works if given enough time. I can’t stress enough the idea that you have to give this a lot slow practice time to really reinforce the right movement in your right hand before you even attempt to do one quick one.  The best thing is to do 5-10 minutes a day as many times as possible – slowly. Did I mention you should do it slowly? You should.


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7 Responses to “Triplet Rasgueado”

  1. Mike says:

    Excellent lesson. Thanks.
    Please would you do some tremelo, and rumba flamenco lessons

  2. Peter J. Gasperoni, Ph.D. says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen: I have been studying Flamenco for the last two and half years. Kai’s technique lessons are very helpful. Thank you very much for this. Please keep up the good work and thank Kai. Sincerely, Peter

  3. Dusty says:

    In all the time I have been learning Flamenco…quite a long time, Kai’s lessons are the most enlightening. I hope that all the lessons will be available in one place or on a DVD when he’s finished. The techniques I have been trying to teach myself are much easier once one sees his. I wish he were in No. CA so I could take lessons.

  4. Darrell Styner says:

    These lessons really are amazingly concise and informative. Kai, I hope you’re planning to put several of these together on a DVD. I’ll buy it.

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  6. Bernhard says:

    Wenn nur alle Blogg´s so trefflich geführt werden würden wie dieser somit würde es ohne Zweifel auch mehr Weblog-Verfasser geben die die Blogs ordentlich mit Nahrung beliefern

  7. “Is that a ladder in your stocking, or a stairway to heaven?”


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