Here’s Roland Dyens playing his arrangements of two waltzes – Tchaikovsky’s Barcarolle and Chopin’s Waltz Opus 69 No. 3 – on a gorgeous 1969 Daniel Friederich at our recent concert in the GSI showroom.

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5 Responses to “Roland Dyens – Two Waltzes on a 1969 Friederich”

  1. susie croteau says:

    he is unbelieveable,, so inspiring and kind magical. oh my god ,

  2. THomas says:

    Great playing on a great guitar!

  3. Claudio says:

    A true Romantic…
    Now I crave for that Chopin transcription!

  4. Frederick Bluford says:

    Errata, if you please. The Chopin waltz transcribed and played so splendidly has been incorrectly identified. This waltz is Opus 69, No. 2, and not No. 3. It is otherwise known as the Chopin Waltz No. 10, and was a favorite of President Harry Truman. I first heard this waltz by Mr. Dyens at a small concert at Madonna College in Livonia. Such a pleasure to hear it again in this permanent format. If possible, send my best to Mr. Dyens.


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