Our good friend Vahagni just released his new CD ‘Imagined Frequencies’ this month (you can get it on iTunes and Amazon) and he stopped by to show us some falsetas from Pomegranates, one of the Bulerias from the new CD. There’s nothing easy about these falsetas, even at the slowed down speed he shows us, and the tuning is drop B, so take your time and have fun with some seriously challenging material. Vahagni plays a great 1981 Alejandro negra for this video. And below you can check out the official video for Pomegranates to hear the whole track.

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2 Responses to “Vahagni – Buleria Falsetas”

  1. ronjazz says:

    Refreshingly original, his appearances here have made a fan out of me.

  2. Edwardio says:

    Now that is what i call a Guitarra Picker.I love this sharing of the knowledge a true player /teacher for the love of the Guitar.


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