Here’s Sedona Farber playing three dances from Michael Praetorius’ Dances From Terpsichore on three different guitars: the Ballet on a 2008 Tobias Berg, the Courante on Teodoro Perez Maestro Especial and the Volte on a 2013 Kolya Panhuyzen.

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10 Responses to “Sedona Farber – Praetorius Dances”

  1. David Farrel says:

    Very nicely played Sedona. Can you please tell me what music you are using and where it may be purchased?

  2. Brian Lewis says:

    Very musical interpretation. Your tone, rubato, and understanding of the polyphonic lines are quite beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  3. sam halstead says:

    Amazing! Great hands, beautiful sounds.

  4. Philip Grimmitt says:

    I very much enjoyed listening.

  5. Forrest Anderson says:


  6. Paul Smith says:

    Quite simply, beautiful!! I would like to echo David’s request regarding the music and where it can be purchased? Oh if only I could play half that well!

  7. Kai says:

    I checked and it’s the Parkening edition of Praetorius’ Suite in D if you want to find the music.


  8. Andrew G says:

    Beautiful playing! To those looking for sheet music, a quick Google search turned up a John Williams arrangement (presumably what Sedona is playing) on Boosey & Hawkes

  9. rojarosguitar says:

    Just from the impression of the videos Perez seems to suite Sedona best. Very nice playing an all takes and great guitars …

  10. cheech says:

    That was wonderful. Beautiful playing and expression.


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