Here’s a lesson from Jack Sanders, who in addition to performing and building guitars teaches some of the best young players in the country (including Sedona Farber and Jennifer Kim, whose videos will appear here soon). In his first lessons for GSI Jack looks at scales as the foundation for a comprehensive left and right hand technique. Part 1 covers posture and the left hand. Jack is playing a 2013 Richard Reynoso cedar-top.

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5 Responses to “Jack Sanders – Scales For Technique”

  1. Diego de Oro says:

    Very thoughtful and detailed information. Thank you Jack and Guitar Salon for this thought provoking explanation.

  2. James says:

    Great video about scales and LH technique! I kept running over to my guitar chair and trying things out. Naturally I don’t do everything the same as Jack but a lot is the same or similar. I like that it says, “Part 1.” Looking forward to Part 2. I expect he has a lot of great RH ideas, too. Thank you!

  3. sylvester says:

    I wonder if I could ever play like you. Can you give me some tips to improve my guitar playing

  4. sam halstead says:

    Now to try to change my bad habits ! This enforces the must of hiring a well educated instructor. Thank Mr. Jack Sanders.

  5. Peter says:

    The hand and arm positions and indeed the entire body posture change a bit when assuming the traditional flamenco posture: body of the guitar sitting on the right leg and tucked under the right arm pit, etc. particularly the position and technique of the right hand. But his basic principles, I believe, still apply. Very informative and interesting.


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