Here’s more of Matthew McAllister, this time playing Francois Couperin’s ‘Les Sylvains’ on a great 1975 Manuel Velazquez spruce-top.

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9 Responses to “Matthew McAllister – Les Sylvains (1975 Manuel Velazquez)”

  1. Ian Grant says:

    Bad sound – heaps of reverb!! Mic too close to the guitar???? I think you should either take that off, or re-record it.

  2. john savage says:

    It’s not the best recording. .Matthew has some really nice recordings on line but not this one

  3. Arsenik says:

    overall he has problems of rythms ……..

    • Hi Arsenik,

      I am employing a great deal of inégale throughout this little Rondo by the French Baroque composer Couperin, and at times I like to stretch the beat and be a little lazy with the time. In a rondo like this with so much repetition it becomes really boring to play it straight and square with unrelenting rhythm so I like to push and pull the beat around.


  4. Hi folks,

    I though I would take a moment to leave a comment as I am intrigued about how the video is sounding and this Velazquez guitar is one of the best instruments I have played.

    I am not sure in what way people listen to these internet recordings, my guess would be often through laptop computer or mobile phone speakers or small earphones.

    I have just listened at home on headphones, an excellent hi fi, on my laptop computer and on my iphone. On my home system the sound is very nice, resonant and clear like it was in the room at GSI. My laptop however highlights the treble more and the sound is thinner (it is still an interesting sound and you can hear the guitar well) on my iphone however the sound is not great but that is true for any classical music I listen to on my phone.

    The guitar was well recorded at the Salon, using good microphones but the way we playback these internet recordings is equally important, if I play a $12,000 guitar recorded by an expensive microphone and then the recording is listened to through a low quality speaker on a laptop or a phone we lose so much of the detail and quality.

    This Manuel Velazquez guitar is a really incredible example of his work and I was stunned by it during my visit at GSI, I only had a very small amount of time with the instrument (it is a scenario of try a few guitars and quickly record a piece) but I think that this guitar is one of the best I have ever played and I wish I could have bought it!

    Best wishes and thanks for listening.


  5. Todd says:

    I think the tone is great.
    To play it straight would be boring and sound like a type writer.

    Thanks for playing!

  6. Nicholas Carracino says:

    I also thought the tone of the guitar was very beautiful. I don’t understand the negative comments.

  7. Peter McIntyre says:

    Matthew, you performance as usual is very sensitive. Thanks for making the recording on a nice MV!

    Best wishes from Australia,

  8. Marv Luse says:

    Nice performance, great guitar. Some folks lack ears, some lack brains. They should be ignored. Generally, those who comment do not play, though they tried reeeeal hard. As I said, ignore them. Love the guitar. And a very nice performance.


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