Luthier Jochen Röthel sent us some photos of the guitar he is currently making for us, and they’re so beautiful we had to share them. The guitar is a CSA rosewood/cedar classical, and we should have it in a few weeks.

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  1. […] you can check out an in progress guitar over on the GSI […]

  2. ronjazz says:

    Well, that looks beautiful, indeed. Somehow, while coming to look at this wonderful layout, I stumbled onto a BBC show with John Williams on Barrios. Anyway, it’s stunning. Two rare recordings of Barrios’ own playing are used, and it’s crazy how good he was. Check it out elsewhere on the blog.

  3. […] you can check out an in progress guitar over on the GSI […]

  4. Paul Weaver says:

    Great photos! Thanks for yet another look into a luthiers workshop. Everything looks so pristine. Its also interesting to see the go-bar clamping method in action. I imagine that helps making the inside look so clean by allowing the glue squeeze out to be removed. The diamon inlay on the bridge is yet another touch… Impressive

    Paul Weaver

  5. Emile van Daal says:

    Beuatiful pictures. Great peace of madagascar

  6. John McHugh says:

    I was fortunate to acquire a Jochen Rothel guitar several years ago from GSI. It is a beautiful instrument with excellent workmanship and is aging very well. Nice to get a view into his building process.


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