Here’s the great Angel Romero introducing us to this amazing 1958 Hermann Hauser II guitar – one almost identical to the one his father had given him, and which he played in concerts for many years. In the first video he gives us the history of the guitar, and of the other 1958 Hauser that had belonged to his father, Celedonio Romero. And in the second video he shows us specifically what makes this a great concert guitar – from the even balance of the voices to the sustain and the quick responsiveness of the strings to the right hand. It’s a great lesson in what qualities to look for in a guitar.

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8 Responses to “Angel Romero – 1958 Hermann Hauser II”

  1. David Gilbert says:

    Thank you for this most delightful private meeting with Angel Romero. I have seen The Romeros in concert over the years and this was a wonderful extension to the concerts. Such a remarkable family.

  2. Carla Kelly says:

    As a luthier interested in building my first flamenco guitar, this was very helpful. Wonderful guitar and a great family of players. Thank you Guitar Salon and Mr. Romero!

    • Beto Moraga y Hernandez says:

      My sentiments exactly. The familial elegance is reflected not only in the music, but in their recollections as well. Thanks to GSI for posting this gem of an interview.

  3. George Ferris says:

    Your insights about an exceptional guitar were wonderful to hear BUT the story of your father was the real gem for me was the story of your father,s reaction to lost guitars. May we all aspire to have our sons remember us as you remember him.

  4. MJP says:

    Quality info from a master. 🙂

  5. Greg Smith says:

    What a wonderful character and player: ‘a few hours of practice also help’ !!!

  6. Mike says:

    That was great to hear and see! Thanks for sharing these insightful videos!

  7. Eduardo Marchi says:

    A noble guitar from a great master.

    En hora buena! G.S.I.


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