Here’s Angel Romero, this time with his 1992 Ignacio Fleta e Hijos cedar-top. The guitar has a great back story, which Angel tells us in the first video. In the second Video we get to hear this great instrument.

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4 Responses to “Angel Romero’s 1992 Fleta”

  1. Reli Suyskens says:

    So, to say it in short: this princess was stolen by the kiss of a prince, breaking in another one’s story? Never trust these waitinglists!

  2. John Bojack says:

    I’d venture a guess that any world-renowned guitarist could walk into any luthier’s shop and steal whatever he fancied. Bet he didn’t even have to pay for it! (And I’d also guess that Italian guitarist he stole it from was not very good. LOL)

  3. Edwardio says:

    There is no way I would be doing Golpes on my Fleta.

    I think the Princess would smack me back.!

  4. Gerald says:

    I somehow seem to know who the poor Italian guitarist is LOL


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