Here’s Scott Morris playing his arrangement of the Kiss hit ‘Beth’ on a cedar-top Loriente ‘Clarita’. Scott was even kind enough to let us publish the pdf of his arrangement, so Kiss Army, classical division, rejoice!

Beth (arr. Scott Morris)

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4 Responses to “Scott Morris – Beth (Loriente ‘Clarita’)”

  1. Scott Morris says:

    Last week I lost a really good friend that I have known for 30 years. He was a fellow musician who (like me) grew up loving the band KISS. He loved everything about them except for the song “Beth”. He knew I was doing an arrangement for solo guitar and sent me a few texts teasing me about it, but he also really wanted me to send him a link. I finally finished and recorded the arrangement and am sad that he never got to hear it. I would really like to think that I could have changed his mind about this tune, but he would have NEVER admitted it. So Jason Oldham, this one’s for you.

  2. Steve Schultz says:

    I really like your arrangement and playing of this piece. I too have a Clarita (also cedar top, blue inside label) which I really love.

    Just wondering what strings you use or recommend for this guitar?


  3. Kris Mawyer says:

    I’m very sorry for you loss Scott. Thank you so much for the video lessons. Right now I can’t afford private lessons so it’s really helpful to compare what I’m told in the books subject by subject to what you are doing on screen. After watching(studying) them I just think it’s really cool that you are a Kiss fan and did this song! Also I think someone should transpose some Tom Waits piano pieces to classical guitar (especially Tom Traubert’s blues). I would certainly buy that book! Thank you again.


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