Here’s Sean Mulholland playing Evan Hirschelman’s ‘3 Meditiations’ on a Masaki Sakurai ‘Maestro RF’. Scott Tennant put us in touch with Sean, who is finishing his masters degree with Scott at USC. Earlier this year Sean won the ASTA Aron Green guitar competition at USC and is also a founding member of the Orpheo Guitar Quartet.

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9 Responses to “Sean Mulholland – 3 Meditations”

  1. Fel Torrez says:

    The video is not showing for me. It says private.

  2. Fel Torrez says:

    Working now. Beautiful playing and composition!

  3. Alan Chapman says:

    Straight to the heart of th music….well done

  4. Karl Roller says:

    Awesome job! Love seeing someone that gets it done!

  5. Cesar Mora says:

    Very nice playing! The music fits the title nicely. Would like to hear more of Evan Hirschelman’s music.

  6. sam halstead says:

    Oriental sounding ! Great music, And the Sakurai guitar was perfect, and the artist gave a nice listening experience for me. Thank You !

  7. FT says:

    This music is so beautiful and well played! The tone of the guitar sounds very good.

  8. Brilliant playing Sean. Really outstanding musicianship. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  9. This is a stellar performance! … and I thought you nailed it at The Hartt School Guitar Festival concert you gave this summer.
    This shows an even more mature use of space and a very artistic interpretation.
    …. and the guitar sounds good as well!


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